A sprinkler system is usually on stand-by 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. The same can be said of the heart of the system: the Firepack. You need to be able to rely on its being ready for action immediately in the event of fire.

It is important to determine the right solution for your specific situation. WB Firepacks relieves you of worry and will support you in finding the most economical and technically up-to-date solution for your situation. A number of parameters are important in this regard:

  • What specification is needed?
  • What is the desired system pressure?
  • What is the desired flow rate?
  • How is the water supply regulated (positive feed or suction conditions)?
  • Is there a preference for type of drive?

WB Firepacks offers a complete line of diesel and electrically driven pump units for fire fighting purposes. These are designed, built and tested in accordance with national and international guidelines.
In addition to our 'standard' Firepacks, we supply made-to-measure Firepacks and solutions for your specific requirements.