Per January 1, 2016 Van Wijk & Boerma Firepacks B.V. takes over the German company HSA-Egert GmbH.

HSA-Egert is located in Hambühren and active in the German market for production, service & maintenance of Firepacks and emergency power sets. As such, HSA brings a perfect strengthening of our Firepacks activities in Germany. Our German sales organization will be combined with HSA activities, so that we create an entity with the same know how and capabilities as Van Wijk & Boerma and that will benefit from production and engineering capacity at Van Wijk & Boerma. On the other hand Van Wijk & Boerma will benefit from the knowhow and capabilities of HSA in the area of Emergency Power sets and VDS regulations.

The management of HSA will act under the direction of Hartmut Schneider. Hartmut has extensive experience in the business and will have Roland Hofmann (service) and Axel Schäfer (sales) in his management team. All sales activities of Van Wijk & Boerma Firepacks B.V. and WB Firepacks GmbH will be integrated in the new organization HSA Firepacks GmbH.

HSA Firepacks will as quickly as possible increase the number of service locations to ensure a network that allows fast response to the customers. On top of that, we will put extra focus on sales and service of FM systems for the German market.

HSA Firepacks will also represent the new products of Van Wijk & Boerma. These products will be the electronically controlled Firepacks, the HI-PR systems (high pressure “fog” systems) and the EFP’s (electronically controlled foam extinguishers).

HSA Firepacks will move per February 1, 2016 to a new location in Nienhagen. The new contact details are: 

Telefoon       : +49 (0)5144 6084981
Fax : +49 (0)51446084982
Website www.HSA-Firepacks.com
Adres : Im Westfeld 15a, 29336 Nienhagen

Van Wijk & Boerma Firepacks B.V. is one of the most innovative and respected companies in the area of Firepacks. Van Wijk & Boerma builds both diesel- as well as electro driven extinguishing systems (Firepacks) and is a member of the Lumipol Holding (www.lumipolpower.com).

For a premium fire protection safety, reliability and fail safe operation is the only thing that counts. That is why we do all engineering, assembly and testing of Firepacks in house in our own testcells.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. K. Kocakoglu,
Managing Director Van Wijk & Boerma Firepacks B.V
T  +31 (0)78 623 1500


Mr H. Schneider,
Managing director HSA Firepacks GmbH.
T  +49 (0)17610220418
E  info@hsa-firepacks.com