New corporate identity of WB Firepacks

Van Wijk & Boerma Firepacks will continue with a new name: WB Firepacks. But no worries: the people will be the same as well as our quality, support, service and knowledge. The name change is a result of our desire to have a company name that fits our international ambitions and can be used in any language.

New name, new corporate identity

The new name means also a new appearance. A great opportunity to introduce our new logo. The corporate identity of WB Firepacks is based on some basic principles: power, technology and family. Power is reflected in the use of color. Red for the power of firefighting, but also known as the color of our Firepacks. The blue color stands for water and represents fire safety. Technology is our passion and is reflected in our logo: the turbo. In addition, the turbo is the recognizable part of Lumipol Holding, the parent company of WB Firepacks. We are very proud of this modern and fresh look.

Our Power | Your Safety

We also changed the pay-off into Our Power | Your Safety. Ultimately, it's all about safety and reliability. Our Firepacks are often not visible, but we ensure that safety is never compromised. Based on years of experience and knowledge you can rely on that.

The next few months you will see some changes in our communication and all our expressions. For example our workclothing, vehicle fleet, service reports and website.